About Us

My wife (Kay) and I (Joe) came to New Zealand with young children in 2006. We have been through heaps of up and downs then finally was granted residency visa a couple of years ago. Meanwhile my wife had worked as a manager at Enjoy Lynn Mall for a couple of years then we opened Joyful in April 2019 thank to God’s help. Me Joe has got social work Bachelor degree from UoA then has worked as AOD practitioner for 3 years in order to help people to change their lives in the rehab. Then suddenly I was pushed to help my wife’s business for some reasons then now found myself enjoying working with my wife at the shop.

One of our aim is to make our customer happy. most people think this is so simple but we don’t think so. Actually it was hard to make everyone satisfied with our products and price, that’s what we found. We will make a full effort to make each customer happy when they walk out from our shop.

In addition, we would like to specialize New Zealand souvenirs at the shop. If you need to buy anything with regard to NZ souvenirs please do not hesitate to contact us as we would offer good deals for your need with lots of different discount options. Also we do our best to meet our customers’ daily life needs, including kitchen, bathroom and so on with low price and good quality ranging from $2 thing to $20 or $30 souvenirs.

Looking forward to seeing you at the shop

Kay and Joe